Natural Remedies for Cold


A constant flow of Ida Nadi (Left nostril breathing) for more than 3 days coincides with some respiratory problems such as colds or constipation.

Bhringaraj leaf juice with honey is good.

Burn Coconut husk on top (Tuft) and inhale.

Horsegram – 50 g.; Amla – 10 g.; Hippili – 3 g. Coarse powder everything. Add a litre of water. Boil down to 100 ml. Filter. Drink.

Use a pillow stuffed with the cotton of Ekka plant.

Instill a few drops of Agathi leaf juice into the nostrils for cold and headache.

Chew 4 small Onions and take warm water to get rid of cold at the earliest.

Take Vishnukranthi plant along with the roots. Take 1 inch dry Ginger piece, 1 inch Cinnamon, 2 Cloves, 4 Peppers, 1 tsp. Cumin, I handful Coriander seeds and 1 Cardamom. Powder all these spices coarsely. Add Vishnukranthi, 2 sprigs of Curry leaves and Jaggary for taste. Boil everything adding water. 8 glasses should be reduced to 1 glass for serious fevers and 4 glasses to 1 glass for light fevers. Filter. Add a little milk. Drink it hot. Soak the residue in 8 or 4 glasses of water again. Add fresh Curry leaves and Jaggary in the morning and boil down to 1 glass. Filter and drink it hot. Discard the residue. This cures any type of fever and cold.

Take Hippili and Rocksalt tea to clear sore throats, sinus congestion, coughs and hiccups.
Method: To a large mug, add 1 ½ cups of boiling water, ½ tsp.of Long pepper powder and ½ tsp.of Rocksalt. Cover and let steep for 15mts. pour the tea into another cup leaving the sediment behind. Drink warm.

Boil Turmeric with milk and drink. To cure all the cold-troubles, very few drugs can match the efficacy of Turmeric. Smell a piece of Turmeric or apply a little of ground Turmeric mixed with pure ghee. This will clean your nose, restore its smelling power.

Take twice daily a mixture of half teaspoon each of fresh ginger juice and honey.

Pepper, dried Ginger and Ajwain when taken with honey cure cough with phlegm.

Tamarind – Pepper Rasam is a food of exceptional value in clearing mucus.

Take White Radish juice sweetened with a teaspoonful of honey regularly.


Fenugreek seeds help restore a deadened sense of taste or smell .

Drumstick leaves should be eaten.


Red rays liberate heat and clear congestion as well as the mucous. So take Red radiation for 5 to 10 minutes on the palms and soles.

Red solarized air can be inhaled through right nostril and exhaled from left nostril.

WARNING: Never use Blue colour clothing during colds.


You can just hold the gemstone Bloodstone in your palm for about 10 minutes to counteract the cold.

Use only Red Coral in 7 to 9 rattis. Use also red cloth, red thread, copper ring.


Boil 100 ml.Coconut oil. Add 25 g. Beeswax and melt it. Cool. Pour in 10 ml. containers. Add Eucalyptus oil. It can be kept for a month.

Take a few drops of Mustard oil and apply all over the nose.


Vit. C is the best medicine for cold. Take more of Amla, Lemon, Grapefruit and Orange fruits.
Vit.C removes the toxins from the blood. It helps in healing the wounds faster. It prevents Atherosclerosis.


If the children cough severely, give a teaspoon of honey.

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