Garlic should be consumed with warm milk.

If there is weakness in the bones or help is required in quick and satisfactory healing of the bones after a fracture, practise Aakash Mudra.


Sit in Padmasana or Sukhasana. Touch the tip of the middle finger of each hand with the tip of the thumb of that hand, keeping the other fingers reasonably straight but not rigid. Straighten the arms and rest them on the knees. Hold the Mudra. Practice it for 45 mts daily in the morning.


Grind Pirandai (Vajravalli in Kannada) roots, Garike Hullu roots (Arugam Pul in Tamil) and Urad dal. Apply on the spot for light bone cracks.

Grind leaves of Abutilon Indicum (Dhuthi in Tamil) and apply as a thick paste after setting the bone. The fracture heals faster.

Dry the pulp of raw Bel (Bilva) fruit in sun and powder it. Mix 10 to 15 g. of this in a glass of lukewarm milk. Add 50 g. of ghee and ½ tsp. Turmeric powder to it. Take it twice a day.

The powder of Arjuna tree bark can be given with milk.

Garlic joins the broken bones. Crush Garlic and add Lime (Sunnambhu in Tamil) to it. Apply on the broken bones.

Marudha maram (Tamil) (Terminalia Tomentosa) bark powder can be taken internally with honey to enable the bones join faster.

Manjishtha helps knit broken bones.

Take the powder of the fruits of Babool (Acacia Arabica), mix it with honey and take it for 3 days consecutively.

The fruits of Tamarind should be ground with Sesame oil and applied as a warm poultice over the fractured area.


Mix equal quantities of Boiled Rice flour and Urad dal flour. Mix a little Turmeric powder and make a paste with a little water. Boil till thick. Apply lukewarm for three days. Wash in the evening and give hot water fomentation.