• Calcium – Nature abounds with it and in readily assimilable form with Phosphorus and Magnesium in the correct ratios – in all green leafy vegetables and nuts, especially Sesame (Til) seeds and Almonds. Even tiny babies can be given milk made from Sesame seeds, Coconut, Wheat, Almonds, Soya beans, if for some reason mother’s milk is not available.
  • Calcium can be available to the system only if Vitamin A is present. Cow’s milk also contains a little of Vitamin A in its raw and fresh state.
  • Extract juice out of Drumstick leaves. Mix with milk and drink. Drumstick has Calcium in plenty. If the juice is exposed to sunlight for a few minutes and then drunk, it increases memory power. It strengthens teeth and bones.
  • Drink Bittergourd juice weekly twice on empty stomach as it strengthens the bones.
  • Eat Makoi (Kannada – Ganike sopu; Tamil – Manathakkali) leaves as they strengthen the bones.
  • Drink lemon juice daily. In case you have problem drinking it, you can apply this all over the body externally, leave for 15 minutes at least and then take bath. It gives the equal effect.
  • Garlic joins the broken bones. Crush Garlic and add Lime (Sunnambhu in Tamil) to it. Apply on the broken bones once the plaster is removed.
  • Calcium is found in milk, Amaranth, Spinach, Curry leaves, Bajra, Ragi, Rice flakes, Rice (Chakki) whole, Wheat flour and Bengal Gram, Cashew fruits. Pears, Custard apple, Jamun fruits and Belada hannu (Woodapple) in season daily.
  • Eat Dry Grapes daily.
  • Agase Soppu (Agathi keerai in Tamil) has plenty of calcium.
  • Take Cabbage soup daily.
  • Take Bananas as they have Calcium.
  • Til or Gingilly seeds have plenty of Calcium. Take as balls or powder.
  • The sores around the mouth, batting of eye lashes involuntarily and body itching can all be due to calcium deficiency some times. Take honey daily to prevent these things.
  • Papaya is rich in Vit.A and hence useful for growth of bones, teeth and nerves. It has the capacity to preserve the good effect of the sun-light which enriches the content of Vit.D in it. It was for this reason that the famous American Doctor J.H. Belogg called Papaya a “Bottle full of sun-light”.
  • OSSIGEN – Ayurvedic capsule with natural calcium – 1-1-1 half an hour after food.
  • Ragi has plenty of Calcium in it.Ajwain(Omam) seeds are rich in calcium.
  • Onions which are rich in Calcium should be taken raw.
  • Grapefruit (Mosambi) helps in Osteo arthritis.
  • Pearl helps in supplying the Calcium to the body. So soak it in water overnight and drink in the morning.
  • Take Orange solarised water 50 ml half an hour after food thrice a day.
  • Take plenty of Wood apple (Belada hannu), Lemon, Grape fruit (Mosambi), Dried Agase soppu, Sundekai, Ragi, Milk and Curds. Gingilly is very good for bones. It works on all tissue elements. Manjishtha helps knit broken bones.


The main element in bones is Calcium. In ancient days, it was diluted with milk, added to Palm Jaggary and Harda and used to build houses. When Lime is added to Milk and Tender Coconut, the calcium in them bind with the Lime
calcium and become stronger. Harda solidifies the Calcium in them like Iron. The taste (Thuvarpu in Tamil) of Harda makes the building very strong. All these make the building last a century or even more. So also, Harda makes the body very strong.


The spectroscopic color of Calcium is Orange. So it aids the Calcium metabolism of the body and strengthens the Lungs.


  • Introducing both Red and White Radishes into regular diet will improve Vitamin content and make these white spots disappear.
  • PRITHVI MUDRA (Earth Mudra) should be practised.