Natural remedies for ageing skin and wrinkles

Remedies for ageing skin and wrinkles

  • Palmarosa (Motia Rosha – Cymbopogon martini var.martini) oil should be applied to the dry skin to rebalance sebum production, thereby hydrating dry skin conditions.  It also rejuvenates wrinkles or ageing skin by prompting cellular regeneration.
  • Neroli oil improves skin elasticity.  It prevents stretch marks, scarring, wrinkles and to soothe sensitive skin.  It is also a sedative.
  • 30g.of white Wax, 30g.Honey, 30g.Onion juice and 30g.White Lily juice.  Heat everything over a low fire in an earthen vessel until the Wax melts.  Stir with a wooden stick until it cools.  Apply this cream to the face in the mornings and evenings.  Remove with a Linen cloth.  It prevents not only new wrinkles from appearing but also removes those already existing.  It is claimed to be a tested remedy.
  • Take ½ kg. Greengram flour, Poolan kizhangu(Tamil) 100g., Rose buds 50g., Kasthuri Turmeric 50g., Mustard seeds 50g. and Sampangi (Tamil) seeds 50g.  powder well.  Apply all over the body and wash off.
  • Take Mango fruits after lunch daily in season for 40 days.
  • RUB sandalwood with little cow milk and apply the paste for a few days.
  • Rub the juicy pulp of the shredded raw Potatoes.  It will help “melt” the wrinkles, banish age spots and clear the skin.
  • Rub Agil kattai (Tamil) with a little milk on a stone and apply the paste all over the body.


This Mudra helps remove excess heat from the body; helps cure excessive thirst; helps in curing skin diseases and prevents wrinkling of the skin.

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