Natural Remedies for Eczema

  • Garlic cloves spread on a cloth are allowed to dry in shade for months or even years.  These partly decomposed, shriveled, dry cloves should be heated in coconut oil over low fire till the oil turns black with the essence of the blackened garlic cloves. The oil is extracted by squeezing the cloves.  This oil is applied over the weeping lesions.  Within weeks the unhealthy skin turns healthy.
  • Khair (Acacia Catechu) is a celebrated herbal drug for all skin problems ranging from Psoriasis and Leprosy to Eczema and common skin rashes.  For best results, make a decoction of its heartwood and Amla powder and drink an ounce twice a day.
  • Grind Adadhoda leaves and mix with Castor oil and apply.
  • Wash with a solution of Tea and Rocksalt.  Dry the spot.  Then cover it with a paste of Fenugreek and Red Sandal.
  • Boil a handful of Dhub grass (Garikehullu in Kannada; Arugampul in Tamil), a few sticks of Licorice and some Harda powder in coconut oil.  Apply before bath daily.
  • For dry Eczema, treat with Blue light over the affected part for ten minutes; for wet Eczema, treat with Magenta; a glass of solarized water should be drunk daily.
  • Ashgourd, Carrot and Spinach juice combination is best in 3:2 ratio.  Cucumber, Orange, Strawberry, Watercress and Raisins are also good.
  • Use Brahmi (Centella Asiatica) both internally and externally.
  • Carrot and Musk Melon are particularly beneficial.  Musk Melon should be followed by cow milk.
  • Eczema as a by-product of dyspepsia, gout or diabetes can be cured only after these diseases have been successfully treated.  

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