Natural Remedies for skin problems


  • Prepare Garikehullu juice.  Add ¼ measure of Gingilly oil.  Boil.  Filter.  Apply externally daily.
  • Alternately, take green Garike hullu and remove the roots.  Add ¼ of its quantity of Turmeric.  Grind and apply all over the body and leave for an hour.  Take bath.  All the skin diseases, itching, sores on feet, prickly heat and boils can be cured by this method.
  • Massage the whole body with unboiled cow milk for at least half an hour.  Then wait for half an hour more and take bath in lukewarm water.  If it is summer, wash it off with fresh cold water.  It will be still better if the patient takes bath in a tub filled with water and about half a litre of cow milk.  Then rub the body dry with a soft towel.
  • Being alterative, Tinospora is highly useful in all skin disorders including early stages of Leprosy.  Fresh juice should be extracted from the stem or its decoction should be made and used.
  • Khair (Acacia Catechu) is a celebrated herbal drug for all skin problems ranging from Psoriasis and Leprosy to Eczema and common skin rashes.  For best results, make a decoction of its heartwood and Amla powder and drink an ounce twice a day.

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