Natural Remedies for warts

  • Rub it with a slice of raw Potato or the inside of a Banana skin.  Both contain chemicals that may dissolve the wart.
  • Try Vitamins A and E, a paste of crushed Vitamin C tablets and water.
  • Aloe, Milkweed and Dandelion juices can be mixed and applied.
  • Cotton soaked in fresh Pineapple juice contains a dissolving enzyme.
  • Scoop out the inside of an Onion.  Put sea salt inside.  Daub a small piece of cotton with the juice that comes out of the salted Onion and apply it on the warts often.  It is irritating to the skin and so stimulates the blood circulation.
  • Add freshly peeled and chopped Garlic cloves to Olive oil.  Keep for a day.  Strain.  Store in refrigerator.  Dab the oil on the wart with a cotton swab or on an adhesive bandage applied to the wart.
  • Apply warm Castor oil to a bandage and apply to the wart.  Replace 3 times a day until wart dissolves.
  • Mix juice of betel leaf and Lime(Chunam) and apply.  

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