Childhood ailments


Boil ADULSA (Adathoda Vasica) leaves in water and give bath to the babies with that water.  It prevents scabies and other infectious diseases.


Crush a little Licorice and tender Neem leaves and fry in ghee.  Filter.  Add jaggary and boil again.  Switch off when it is ready.  Give half an ounce of this twice a day.  This can be given to even old people in one ounce dosage.


A pinch of Baje powder (Calamus) in Honey acts as a wonderful and safe infant deworming medicine once a month.  Don’t give more than a pinch.


Roast Ajwain (Omam in Tamil) till black.  Add 3 glasses of water.  Boil down to a single glass.  Add Honey and give the baby.  If it is a small baby, give 5 teaspoons (for a single dose) every three hours.  It can be given 4 to 5 times a day.


During fever, the child should not lie completely flat on the bed; raise him up with pillows to prevent congestion of the lungs.  Give Lemon-water and Thyme tea.  Give 2 Hip baths a day.  Apply 3 clay poultices for 2 hours each on the abdomen every day of the fever.  Introduce food gradually.  

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