Natural medication for Skin problems

  • Grind the leaves of Iluppa (Tamil) tree and apply.
  • Mix Garike Hullu (Arugam Pul in Tamil) juice with cow milk and drink on empty stomach for three days.
  • Juice from the leaves of Mimosa Pudica (Touch Me Not plant) can be applied for cancerous sores, all skin diseases and Glandular swellings.
  • Take 5 gms.of raw Alum ash and grind it with 2.5gms.of Turmeric powder.  Add adequate quantity of fresh cream.  Rub it over the skin.  Let dry. Wash.
  • Drink a glass of Tomato soup daily atleast for 21 days.
  • Knool – khol has Sodium, Sulphur and Karotin and hence provides protection against skin diseases and arthritis.
  • Cook Sundekai (Tamil) and eat.  It makes the skin shine.
  • Chew 8 to 10 Neem leaves early in the morning daily.
  • The juice of basil leaf can be applied externally.  
  • Since Papaya is rich in Vit. C, it keeps the skin soft and glowing.  
  • Grind Thumbe (Leucas Aspera) leaves and flowers and apply externally.  Leave for an hour and take bath using Turmeric powder.
  • Grind Garikehullu and add ¼ Turmeric powder.  Apply externally and leave for an hour.  Take bath.
  • For any skin allergy, wash the area with Harda decoction and drink the same twice a day.
  • Crush Nannari (Tamil; Botanical name:  Hemidesmus Indicus) and boil in 2 cups of water.  Reduce to half the quantity.  Filter.  Drink half a cup of this twice a day.  

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