Natural Remedies for Memory Loss


  • It means a partial or total loss of memory and forgetfulness of past experience.  It is attended by an inability to remember words.  Morbid changes in brain tissues are usually responsible for this condition.  
  • 10g.Roasted Asafoetida; 10 g.Vach(Baje); 10 g.Jatamansi; 20 g. Black salt; 80 g.Vayvidang; Powder everything and mix together.  Have 3g.with fresh water at 6 hourly interval,. Whenever the memory fails, use it for a couple of days.  
  • Cummin seed is a brain food.  Three grams of powdered black Cumin seeds should be mixed with 12 grams of pure honey and licked.
  • A pinch of finely ground Pepper mixed with honey is useful in Amnesia or dullness of intellect. It should be taken both in the morning and evening.


  • One and half a teaspoon of Asafoetida powder should be dissolved in two cups of boiling water. Cool.  Sip several tablespoons while working.  This gives a feeling of mental alertness and sharpens memory.
  • Almond – 10; Small Cardamom – 2; Dry Dates – 2; Immerse all these items in water in a new earthen pot.  Peel the Almond; Shell the Cardamom; Remove the seeds of the dry Dates in the morning.  Grind into a fine paste, mixing 30 grams of Sugar.  Mix 25g.Butter to eat.
  • Calamus acts on the higher cerebral functions and brain tissue to help expand and bring clarity to the consciousness.

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