Natural Remedies for Kidney Problems

  • Prepare Onion decoction by boiling 6 grams of Onions in 500 ml of water, till half of the water has evaporated.  It should then be strained and taken when cold.
  • In urine retention, Onion should be rubbed in water and 60 grams of sugar should be mixed with it. Take this mixture and it will result in free urination within a short time.
  • Saffron should be soaked overnight in water and used in the morning with honey.  It promotes free urination.
  • Select ripe Red Pumpkin and take juice.  Add salt and take a cup twice a day.  Repeat for 15 days.  The stones in the Kidney or Urinary Bladder will get broken and the pieces will come out through urine.
  • Basil has strengthening effect on Kidneys.  In case of renal stones, the juice of Basil leaves and honey, if taken regularly for 6 months, will expel them via the urinary tract. GALLSTONES


  • The color of the herb’s flowers is an important part of the signature.  The plants with the Yellow blooms are generally used for Liver, Gallbladder and Urinary problems and tonics that rid the body of toxins and infections.
  • As Cashew nuts and Kidney Beans resemble Kidney shape, they can be taken to improve Kidney health.

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