Natural Remedies for Ascites

  • Corn silk tea cleanses the Kidneys and the Urinary tract.  Drink 3 times a day.  A little of the Silk eaten raw, with or without the corn kernels, will benefit the whole Urinary system and may help to prevent Cystitis.
  • If you add wild Tulsi leaves in water, it becomes jelly like.  Add a little sugar candy and take daily for a few days.  
  • Agase soppu (Agatti in Tamil) should be cooked and eaten.
  • The roots of Thiruneetru Pachilai (Ocimum Basilicum) create heat and remove gas and sweat.  The seeds are viscous, reduce heat in the body and increase urine flow.  
  • Mix half a teaspoon Turmeric powder in a cup of boiled and cooled cow milk.  Take this twice a day for 3 days to clear urine block.  It can be continued as long as necessary.
  • Make a paste of Lime (Sunnambhu in Tamil) and apply all over the big toe on feet.  Drink a lot of water simultaneously.
  • Grind Garlic and apply on the abdomen.
  • Cook Kovaikkai (Tamil) (Dhondangai in Kannada) as curry and eat often.
  • Onion prevents water retention.  
  • Mash Onion and Garlic and make a poultice.  Tie it on the lower abdomen to ease the flow of the urine.
  • Take white Sandal decoction with water twice a day after meals.
  • Ripe Green Grapes should be taken in plenty.
  • Place boiled water in a tub and when it is warm, sit in such a manner that your waist remains dipped.  Sit for half an hour twice a day.  The stopped urination will start soon.
  • Take red Carrot juice.  If nothing is available, just put salt on the navel and pour water over it drop by drop.  Soon the obstruction will clear and the urine will be passed.
  • Take 5 g. of each of Bel (Bilva) leaves, white cumin seeds and sugarcandy.  Take it twice a day and drink water.  Take it at 3 hourly interval.  In a couple of days, the urinary passage will be clear and you will be able to pass urine freely.
  • The Banana stem is a diuretic that can be combined with Sugar cane juice and coconut water to increase its effectiveness.  Drink only during morning hours.  Stop drinking diuretic liquids at noon, so that urination will be over by evening and sleep at night will not be interrupted.  Also grind Banana stem and apply on the abdomen to urinate immediately.
  • Grind Sesame seeds and apply on the stomach.  It will immediately make him urinate.
  • Betel leaf juice, mixed with dilute milk and sweetened slightly helps in easing urination.
  • Makoi (Ganike soppu in Kannada; Manathakkali in Tamil) can be used either as a decoction or as a vegetable.  An extract of the leaves and stem, in doses of 6 to 8 ml, can also be taken.
  • Dandelion tea, made from the buds, flowers, fresh leaves or even blanched leaves, can be very useful.  Its familiar name “Bed wetter’points to its characteristic effect.  
  • Take Garikehullu (Arugampul in Tamil) 30 g. and Ash gourd (White Pumpkin) pieces 20 g. boil them both in 2 cups of water.  Boil down to a cup.  Drink thrice a day at 2 hourly intervals.  It reduces heat, eye burning and burning urination.  Urine passes without any problems.
  • After removing the leaves of Drumstick plant, collect the stems.  Cut into small pieces.  Prepare pepper Rasam with them.  Add to cooked rice and eat.  It increases urine outflow and also removes body pain due to tiredness.
  • Fry Asafoetida in Ghee and take it washed down by some Rice washed water.
  • Being highly diuretic, the diluted and sweetened juice of Dhub grass clears urinary obstruction of any kind and establishes free flow of urine.


Grind the leaves of Achyranthes Aspera (Naayuruvi in Tamil) and Kaaramani Payaru (Tamil) in equal quantities as a nice paste.  Apply on belly button.

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