Natural Remedies for Heart Weakness

  • Take 4 Hibiscus flowers. Put into 1/4 liter water. Boil. Reduce it to 1/8. Add cow milk and jaggery. Drink in the mornings and evenings till cured. It prevents Angina Pectoris. (Remove the center yellow stalk before use)
    Maghizam flowers (Tamil) (Mimusops Elangi.L) can strengthen the heart and brain and calm the mind.
    Pomegranate reduces palpitations.
  • Soak a few Peepal leaves(Sacred fig) in water overnight and boil in the morning. Drink it thrice a day.
  • Kannappar book reference: Juice of Tulsi leaves 15 drops. Honey 20 drops. Add these to a tablespoons.of water. Drink this in the mornings and evenings on empty stomach for 12 to 48 days.
  • Drink Grape juice half a glass daily after breakfast for at least 11 days.
  • As Apple resembles the shape of the heart, it is very good for heart.
  • Eat dry Grapes, Custard Apple, Pears in season.
  • Mix Garike Hullu (Arugam Pul in Tamil) juice with cow milk and drink on empty stomach for three days.
  • Cook Agase soppu(agathi leaves) with Moong dal and eat twice a week.
  • Sandal juice can be taken.
  • Kannappar book reference: Keep some Tulsi leaves and seeds in the pocket touching the heart.
  • Take the unripe fruits of Solanum Trilobatum plant and dry them well. Marinate in curds. After a day, dry in sunlight and store. Roast this in ghee and take.
  • Walnut helps in fighting the heart diseases. They contain a lot of Linolete and Linolenic acid, which provide a great source for the heart – healthy essential fatty acids knows as
    OMEGA 3 fatty acids. Omega 3 boosts the immune system, which assists in fighting against cancer and reduces inflammation. The Walnut also contains an enormous amount of Vitamin E, especially in the form known as Gamma Tocopherol, which protects the heart, prostate and brain. Researchers have found that Walnuts contain a lot of Beta Sitosterol of BSS, wonderful natural plant substance known as plant Sterol that can be found in Soyabeans, Wheat germ and Rice bran.
  • Have the pulp of ripe Bel (Bilva) fruit with milk or cream daily. Don’t eat the seed.
  • Boil Oat grains and filter. Take boiled grains every morning with milk in breakfast. Oat grains raise HDL which prevent heart attacks and hypertension.
  • Eating papaya (pulp and upto 20 seeds) at breakfast time will strengthen the heart and improve blood circulation, thus avoiding heart attacks and brain thrombosis.
  • Grind 2 spoons of Coriander seeds and place the powder in a mud vessel with water. Keep it overnight and grind it in the morning. Filter and drink it. Continue for 48 days. It improves the heart functioning and it is especially good for those patients who suffer from diabetes too.
  • Infuse Peepal leaves at night, distill the next morning and store in white bottles. About 15 mg of this should be taken thrice daily. It is highly effective in palpitation of the heart and cardiac weakness.
  • Smell fragrant flowers as deeply as possible.
  • Fenugreek seeds in water daily is a natural tonic for the heart.
  • Drink half an ounce of decoction made out of Woodapple leaves with milk daily to tone the heart.

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