Natural remedies for Morning sickness

//Natural remedies for Morning sickness

Natural remedies for Morning sickness


Saffron has Selenium which is good for eyesight.  It also strengthens the pregnant ladies. It prevents the onset of night blindness in the baby.


  • Pomegranate juice is the best medicine cum food for this problem.  
  • Boil Guava leaves in water and cool.  Take it sip by sip to reduce vomit.
  • Dissolve Clove in water and drink sip by sip.
  • Grind 3 or 4 g. Coriander seeds whenever required and mix it with water and some grains of rice.  Sweeten with sugar candy and take it twice a day.  
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Smt. Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naturopath. She has given many lectures at AYUSH, a Govt. of India undertaking. She is also a specialist in Colour Therapy and Organic Farming.
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