Strengthening Uterus :

  • Orange juice can be taken in the first three months.
  • Roast ½ cup Urad dal.  Add ½ cup Rice.  Make flour.  Take 2 cups Jaggary  and boil it with 2 cups of water.  When it melts, filter and boil again.  Add 2 tbsp. Gingilly oil.  When it boils, add the flour, stir well.  Insert a ladle and close with a lid.  Simmer for 7 to 10 minutes.  Get it off from the fire and mix it well.  When it is lukewarm, add 2 tbsp. Ghee, make balls and eat.

Strengthening Uterus

Drumstick soup:

Ingredients:  Drumstick – 3; Onion – 1; Tomato – 1; Moong dal – ½ tbsp.; Garlic – 1 small piece; Cummin and Pepper powders – a little; Milk – ½ cup; Corn flour – 1 tbsp.; Salt and Sugar as needed.

Cut Drumsticks into big pieces and steam them.  Take only the fleshy portion.  Cut Onion and Tomato into tiny pieces.  Add water to Moong dal.  Add Garlic and cut Onion and Tomato.  Tie Cummin and Pepper powders in a thin cloth and put iot into the Moong dal and steam it.  When it is done, remove the powder cloth.  Cool the dal.  Add Drumstick pulp and grind.  Filter.  Add water if needed.  Add ½ cup Milk with Corn flour.  Add salt and sugar.  Warm a little.  Don’t boil it.  

  • Palak soup can be taken.
  • Ashwagandha is a good food for weak pregnant women; it helps to stabilize the fetus.  
  • Besides being strong diuretics, both Coconut water and Sugarcane juice energize your body.  Therefore, they are highly recommended to pregnant women because they increase 4 times the micturition rate, while cleansing the baby and strengthening the mother and the child.  This will not harm their health during delivery.