Pre Mature Babies

If these babies are unable to walk due to weakness, take a handful each of Neem leaves and Mehandi leaves, a big Ginger piece and 10 cloves of Garlic and grind well.  Boil with ½ l. Gingilly oil.  Massage on the legs daily.


The drink Nishasta builds body strength, toughens the nerves, endows the person with vitality and energy, builds resistance to headaches and sharpens the brain and increases memory.  

Ingredients:  4 Almonds soaked overnight and peeled; 1 large Raisin; 4 black peppers; ¼ tsp. poppy seeds; ½ tsp. clarified butter; ½ tsp. finely ground sugar to taste; 1 tbsp. milk.

Preparation:  Grind the Almonds, large Raisin, black peppers and the Poppy seeds in the milk to a fine paste.  Heat the clarified butter, add the above and boil.  Add sugar.  It should be taken fresh while it is hot, once every morning, particularly during winters.  Not only is this good for people suffering from neurological headaches but it is good for all normal persons too.  Given regularly to children, it will help them become fine adults with a sharp brain, a strong body, resistant to colds and many diseases and a balanced attitude.

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