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Smt. Vijayalakshmi is a practicing Naturopath. She has given many lectures at AYUSH, a Govt. of India undertaking. She is also a specialist in Colour Therapy and Organic Farming.


FISH IN COCONUT GROVES The empty areas in Coconut groves can be used. Food varieties will grow well only in bigger tanks. If area is small, Vaasthu fish like KOI can be reared. They need a tank of 2 feet width and 3 feet depth. They gain weight upto 500 grams in three months. This [...]

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LACTO BACTERIA When bio degradable things are used to prepare manure, a stink arises.  Lactic Acid Bactria can prevent the smell.  When compost is prepared in an airless place or cattle’s dung increases, they emit Ammonia which give this smell.  To control this smell, this acid can be used as it eats and digests the [...]


VARIETIES OF COWS There are more than 30 varieties of cows in India. Kabilai cow (Tamil) is considered very holy. It looks like Kaaraam pasu (Tamil). Kazhargod in Kerala has many of this variety. This is one of the endangered species now. It gives a little milk only but the milk is highly medicinal. Even [...]


CLUSTER BEANS They can be fed to milking cows. PAIN OF CATTLE AFTER HARD WORK Boil Nunaa leaves (Vitex Negundo) in water and give them bath. A cot can be made for humans to sleep after hard work. UNIQUE FEATURES OF CATTLE Cattle are used to plough the filed because they have Calcium and Phosphorus [...]

Problems of Cattle

FOOD FOR COWS If the milking cows are regularly fed with the leaves of Azima tetracantha, the milk extracted and all the bi-products like ghee, butter, etc will be more nourishing and tastier. If taken without adding water, it cannot be digested. So thick it is. DEAD CALF Dissolve equal quantities of asafoetida and Indhuppu [...]


MORE MILK Cows facing north, on an average give more milk than cows facing in any other direction. PONNANGANNI FOR GOOD MEDICINAL MILK Ponnanganni can be grown in large areas and fed for getting better quality and medicinal milk. Mullu keerai can also be given for the same purpose. CALCIUM FOR MILKING COWS Put 2 [...]


NUTRITION FOR CATTLE (TRIED RECIPE) Fruit Vinegar 50 ml and Pancha Gavya 50 ml can be given on alternate days permanently. This enables them to mature in time, give more milk and be resistant to diseases. Fruit Vinegar: Take Papaya and Banana with peels, Parangikai (Tamil) and jaggary powder each 5 kg. Mix 1 kg [...]


Their milk is thicker with more fat contents. They don’t need a shelter like cows. They can withstand rains and heat. Delhi Buffaloes are suitable for Tamil Nadu. They give 12 liters milk per day. Their native is Haryana. SHEDS Cattle sheds should be constructed east-west to get more light. NUTRITION FOR CATTLE Fruit Vinegar [...]

Mirabilis jalapa | ANDHI MALLI

ANDHI MALLI (Mirabilis jalapa), BADRAKSHI, CHANDRA MALLI Plant part used : Leaves, roots and fruits(For external use only) The leaves are diuretic. They are used to reduce inflammation. A decoction of them is used to treat abscesses. The leaf juice is used to treat wounds According to an eastern Indian article titled Dye yielding plants [...]

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