By anointing the nose with Lime and Dry Ginger, white and black Pepper pounded together, the headache is cured.

Drink an ounce of Black Grapes’ juice daily for a few days.

Boil white Ekka flower, Turmeric, Garlic and pepper with Gingilly oil and take oil bath with this thrice a week. This cures the pain gradually.


Cut 300 g. Aghil (Tamil; Botanical name – Aquilaria Agallocha) into pieces. Boil in 2 liters of water and reduce to a liter. Add a liter of cow milk and a litre of Gingilly oil. Boil all the three together. When it thickens, add 30 g. Licorice powder and 20 g. Behda peel powder. Boil again till all the water evaporates. Filter. Take oil bath with this weekly once.