Coconut Tree

SOYABEAN AS A SUPPORT CROP It can be grown as a support crop with Sugarcane, Plantain, Turmeric, Cotton, Sweet Potato, Coconut and Maize.  It yields just in 3 months.  Its roots absorb Nitrogen from the atmosphere and add it to the soil.

HONEY BEES AND MORE YIELDS If honey bees are kept on lands where Coconut, Banana, Vegetables and flowers grow, more honey is obtained.  The plants’ yield is also increased.


  1. Grind Gingilly and pour with water often.
  2. Honey, Ghee, Licorice and Gingilly seeds should be ground and mixed with water.  Pour it to the tree.  The tree will bear numerous coconuts and the water will be delicious.
  3. Coconut trees bear big fruits if they are irrigated well with alkali water mixed with powder of Barley, husk and black gram soup.

FISH IN COCONUT GROVES The empty areas in Coconut groves can be used.  Food varieties will grow well only in bigger tanks.  If area is small, Vaasthu fish like KOI can be reared.  They need a tank of 2 feet width and 3 feet depth.  They gain weight upto 500 grams in three months.  This is in demand.

COCONUT AND VETTIVER As Vettiver’s roots go deeper into the soil, if planted near Coconut trees, it aerates the soil very well and encourages their growth.  Vettiver sucks water and stores in its roots.  If the Coconut trees do not get water directly, they take this water.  As the soil is always moist, bacteria increase and make the soil fertile.  As the air near Vettiver is cool, the area is cooling.

WATERING Cut channels between two Coconut tree rows.  Spread dry Coconut leaves in them.  Irrigate the tree only through these channels.  On high borders of these channels, plant Thattaipayaru (Tamil) and Drumstick (small Plant variety) as they form a live cover for the soil.  They also absorb Nitrogen from the atmosphere and add it to the soil.  This enables the trees grow without attacks from insects.

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