Coconut Trees


  • The yield is faster if they are planted at the depth of 3 feet.
    Take 20 liters of Cow urine without dung in it.  Mix Calamus, Harda, Ajwain, Clove, Dry Ginger, Pepper, Mustard, Vayvidang and Turmeric and powder.  Add a kilo of this powder to Cow urine. 1 kilo of Neem Pinnakku, 100g, Pongamia seeds, 50g, Castor seeds should be powdered and added.  Soak for a week.  Mix a liter of this liquid with 10 liters of water.  As the days go, its potency keeps increasing.  This can be mixed with Pancha Gavya and Gunapa water and poured to Banana and Coconut trees.

Plant Doddi Patre all around Coconut trees to prevent insects.

VIVA GUNAPAM – E. M. (Tested)
Papaya fruits – 3 kg.; Bananas – 3 kilo; Ripe White Pumpkin – 3 kg.; Jaggary – 3 kg.; Eggs – 3; Milk – 1 liter; Honey – 100 ml.; Cane juice – 1 liter; Licorice – 50 g.; Water – 15 liters.
Mash the fruits well.  Take a 50 liter plastic container with a lid.  Pour 15 liters water and put the fruit mixture.  Dissolve jaggary in three liters of water.  Pour into the drum.  Break eggs and add.  Mix all the other items.  Stir well and close.  Leave for a week to ferment.  If there is a white film on top after a week, it is good.  If not, dissolve 2 kg. Jaggary in water and add.  Close for a week.  If it smells like fruits, it is good.  If it stinks, it is not good.  If there is a white film on top, ferment it for three more months.  Stir well once a week.
This works well as a stimulating factor for growth and prevents fungal diseases.


  • Companion crops or mixed crops are the crops grown generally to avoid diseases and pest attacking the main crop.  The companion crops attract the pests that attack the main crop, in turn maintaining the quality and quantity of yield.  This helps in reducing the man power and extra costs incurred on pesticides or insecticides.
  • Allspice can be planted as it grows well in shades.
  • Coconut and Nag Champa can be grown together for this purpose.

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