Indian Almond (Terminalia Catappa)

Indian Almond (Terminalia Catappa)

The kernel can be eaten raw or roasted and has an almond-like taste. The foliage can be used as a feed for silkworms and other animal feeds. It acts as a soil improver as it is a good provider of mulch.
The trunk is a source of gum. In leaf all the year round, the tree casts a heavy shade that is useful. It is propagated by seeds.

Its wood is very resistant to water and moisture, so it was highly prized as a building material, both for wooden houses and boats. But its healing and medicinal properties far outweigh this application.


The leaves are antiseptics. They protect the fish and help it to regenerate quickly. They protect from toxic substances and wastes that form in the water as a purifier. They balance water’s pH by lowering it. They give the water a dark amber colour and it makes the fish tank similar to the fish natural environment, so they tend to feel better.
The properties of the leaves are only effective if the leaves are dry and clean.

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