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Violet colour

VIOLET COLOUR The Crown Chakra, also known as the Third Eye, transmits the energy of the Pituitary Gland. In Eastern philosophy, Violet is the ruler of the center of the head and this is called the Thousand – petalled Lotus.It is the colour of the Pineal gland. It is the colour of Vitamin D. It [...]

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Red Colour

RED COLOUR It is the densest colour and relates to the physical body and sexuality. This base Chakra is connected to passion, life energy, sexuality and the power to create. Red is the colour of the Root Chakra or the first Chakra. IT IS THE COLOUR OF VITAMIN B – 12. It covers also Ovaries [...]

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Orange colour

ORANGE  COLOUR Orange is a combination of Red and Yellow rays, and its heating power is greater than the two individual colours. It is the colour of the Sacral plexus or the second Chakra. The Glands covered and controlled are Ovaries and Testes. It stimulates the Thyroid gland and respiration. The Orange vibration expands the [...]

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Indigo Colour

INDIGO COLOUR It is the colour of the Ajna Chakra which controls the Pineal gland. It is also the colour of Vitamin K. It is electric, cooling and astringent. It is a Para Thyroid stimulant; a Thyroid depressant. It purifies the blood. It helps reduce or stops excessive bleeding. Its gland is the pituitary, which [...]

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Green color

GREEN It is the mid way colour on the spectrum. It builds muscles, bones and other tissue cells. It restores tired nerves and produces new energy. It is the colour of growth. It is cooling, soothing and calming both physically and mentally. It relieves tension in the blood vessels and lowers the Blood pressure. Green [...]

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Gold colour

We get Gold colour by mixing Orange and Yellow. G O LD Energetic,increases Tejas and Ojas Good for energization, pain relief, stimulation, and spiritualization, also promotes growth with the tissue development. Transmits a solar force.Y E

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Brown colour

BROWN Brown is a good choice for healing all manner of illnesses in animals. It promotes the synthesis of serotonin (a neurotransmitter). Reduces irritability. Eliminates chronic fatigue. There is an easy association between the colour brown and the natural, probably because the earth and the bark of tree are brown. BROWN AND WHITE FOODS Brown [...]

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Blue Color

BLUE COLOUR Blue is the colour of the Throat Chakra and is centred at the energy of the Thyroid Gland. It is the colour of intuition and the higher mental faculties. Blue rays promote growth; slow the action of the heart. Blue acts specifically on the blood and has a tonic effect. It has antiseptic [...]

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Colour Therapy

CHROMO THERAPY OR COLOUR THERAPY Chromotherapy or Colour Therapy is the method where we can use different colours to change or maintain vibrations of our bodies to the healthy frequency which gives us ease and peace. These colours may either be visible or invisible to our eyes. Colour has force, weight, action and temperature. These [...]

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Natural Remedies for Voice Problem

GETTING SWEET VOICE Take 10ml.of Adathoda syrup and stir in hot water. Drink for 40 days. Take Bringharaj (Karisalanganni in Tamil) 1 litre, Gingilly oil1 litre and Licorice 40grams. Boil everything together. Drink5 ml. in the mornings and evenings. Garlic can be used for improvement of complexion, clearing and strengthening of the vocal chords and [...]

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