Ash Pumpkin is good for alcoholic poisons.

Mustard can be ground and given with food. It will make him vomit.

A simple natural way to cure addiction is with the help of Athimadhuram plant. The root is available in all Ayurvedic shops. A small piece is kept under the cheek and sucked on for 3-4 hours. This discourages the person from chewing betel leaves or tobacco or consuming alcohol or smoking cigarettes. Slowly these habits which spoil the health of a person will disappear.

A word of caution:
People suffering from high B.P and kidney patients and pregnant ladies should avoid consuming excess Athimadhuram.

Amla – Amla aids Liver function and protection. It is useful in rehabilitation of alcoholic people.

Passionflower: This herb has been used for deaddiction of narcotic drugs and alcohol. Passiflora provides relief from
withdrawal symptoms, helps calming nerves and sleeping problems.

Calamus – Another herb which reduces alcohol cravings. It improves digestive system disorder due to alcohol
Cayenne pepper – Capsicum reduces symptoms of alcoholism like nausea and vomiting. It reduces desire for alcohol,
reduces anxiety and induces sleep.

Ginseng – It speeds up metabolism and helps in breakdown of alcohol. It is good to detox body from alcohol.

Oats is considered good in reducing impact of alcohol onbody.

Triphala Churna – It stimulates regeneration of damaged liver cells.

Moringa – Moringa tea and moringa juice has been considered having curative effects on liver disorders. Research shows that moringa helps in removal of hepatoxins from the body and reverse the damage by these hepatoxins. Moringa has been considered effective on hepatitis, cirrhosis, and metabolic liver disease due to alcohol and drug use.