Drink Grape juice in the mornings after breakfast at least for 11days.

Eat Jackfruit in season as it strengthens the nerves.

Eat red coloured Bananas daily for 40 days as they strengthen the nerves very well.

Take Pudina (Mint) leaves.

Take Makoi leaves to strengthen the nerves.

Prepare a decoction of young Peepul leaves. Add a little sugar candy and drink.

Tender Mangoes are rich n Vitamin C when they are in season, one should eat a Mango a day. This will improve blood circulation, cure nervous weakness and anemia. It can also improve memory.

Take plenty of Palak (Spinach) leaves.

Black Pepper contains very potent Solar energy. It stimulates the plasma and the blood, the Nervous system, the Spleen and reduces fat.

Take the leaves of Solanum Trilobatum Linn (Mullu Mustha in Kannada), roast in ghee, grind with Tamarind, Chillies and Salt. Eat daily with rice.

Juice of Citron fruit (Gadara Naraththai in Tamil) is good for the trembling limbs.

The juice of a few Betel leaves mixed with a teaspoon of honey is a good nervine tonic for limb aches and pains. Take this twice a day.

Juice of Ashgourd is extremely beneficial.

Take plenty of Tomatoes with other items.

Massage the spine lightly with Camphor oil or a mixture of Camphor oil and crushed Garlic (2:1). This is important for the nervous functions.

Wheat germ brings precious elements to the nerve cells.

Take 50 g. of ripe Bel (Bilva) fruit. Add Jaggary and Cardamom. Take this like Sherbat daily to strengthen the nerves.

Eating 6 Peppers with 4 Almonds once daily with milk is a nerve-tonic and acts as an aphrodisiac, especially in an impotent person.

If there is a deficiency of Phosphorus in the body, Nervous system weakens. The patients should take those fruits rich in this element.

Banana helps due to its Potassium. It is important for the transmission of nerve impulses and nutrient intake and waste removal in cells.