• Take black Grapes’ juice daily for a long time. IT STRENGTHENS THE NERVES.
  • Mix a few cloves of Garlic with some Til oil or Ghee and take it daily.
  • After the fits, take a tsp. of Licorice powder with the juice of Ash Pumpkin for 3 days consecutively.
  • Make a powder of Long Pepper (Hippili). Take a spoonful twice a day with water.
  • Anantmul (Indian Sarasaparilla; suandhi in Kannada; Nannari in Tamil) can be used internally and externally.
  • Powder Mustard seeds. Smell it at the time of attack. It will give relief.
  • Infusion of Agase soppu (Agatti keerai in Tamil) can be taken.
  • For children, a snuff of fresh juice of Agatti (Agase soppu in Kannada) leaves is recommended.
  • Mix Lemon juice with warm water and drink often.
  • Rub Saffron with honey and give it when the convulsions occur to rid the after pains.
  • Take 100 ml. juice of raw Onions daily once.
  • Acupressure on all the points.
  • In the case of children having fits, press gently on both the earlobes where it is pierced to adorn with earrings.
  • Jatamansi powder with honey. (Once a week).
  • Brahmi juice – 12g. and Honey – 12g. should be taken on empty stomach in the early morning hours for a few days.
  • Seasonal fruits’ juices.
  • Seasonal raw vegetables’ salads.
  • Wheat grass juice daily for a long time.
  • Give Blue radiation over the back of the head for 10 minutes. And over the Spinal Cord for 20 minutes.; Solar Plexus for 5 minutes.; Abdomen for 5 minutes. (Alternate days). Treat Sahasrara Chakra (Pituitary-Cerebral Cortex) with Green for 10 minutes at the end.
  • Indigo radiation can be given on the Crown Chakra.
  • Sprouts of Greengram for strength.
  • Powder Custard apple seeds. Tie in a cloth. Burn it. Make the patient inhale the smoke. Gradually, the fits will come down.
  • Take Garlic, Acalypha Indica (Kuppi gida in Kannada) and Calamus. Grind them in Acaplypha Indica juice. Apply this from the crown till soles. Give bath after it dries up completely.
  • Black Pepper can be taken nasally as a medicated ghee to relieve epileptic seizures.


Mix and grind equal quantities of Sesame seeds and Garlic. Swallow 1 spoon of this daily on empty stomach and drink a cup of water immediately. Repeat for a month or two. It increases the Oxygen supply to the brain.

Mix a glass of milk and a glass of water and about 20 g. of Garlic. Boil down to a glass. Drink 3 times a day for 30 or more days to cure cardiac, circulatory and Oxygen deficiency problems.

Mix 2 leaves of Gotukola, 7 black pepper grains and 2 tsp of Jaggary in a silver vessel. Squeeze fresh cow milk. Drink on empty stomach daily for a period no shorter than 3 weeks and no longer than 3 months to increase the Oxygen supply to the brain, thus avoiding epilepsy.

Avoid using magnets directly.