Bavachi (Psoralea) oil can be applied externally.

Sankhu Pushpam (Tamil) (Clitoria Ternatea. L.) is good.

Rub Milkweed (Amman Pachcharisi in Tamil; Akki Gida in Kannada; Baresu)
root bark on a sand stone with the gruel of rice, prepared the previous
night. Apply this paste on the part of the body affected. Simultaneously,
if you take half a teaspoon of Sandal paste along with hot water, once a
day, recovery will be faster.

Yam powder – 160 g.; Chitramoola – 120 g.; Dry Ginger – 60 g.; Pepper – 30
g.; Triphala – 80 g.; Modi – 40 g.; Lavangapatra – 40 g.; Red Sandal – 80
g.; Vaividanga – 40 g.; Jyeshthamad – 80 g.; Cinnamon – 20 g.; Cardamom –
20 g. Powder everything. Add old Jaggary twice the quantity. Mix. Pound
this mixture. Make 5 to 10 g. balls. Take a ball with hot water or
buttermilk on empty stomach in the mornings.

Take 10 Brahmi leaves. Add 10 Pepper corns. Grind. Mix with the rice
starch. Drink on empty stomach in the mornings and evenings for about 6
months’ time if it is in the initial stages.

Boil Castor oil and add Harda. Simmer till the oil disappears. Cool and
make powder. Take 3g. powder twice a day.

Lemon juice should be taken daily as it is highly beneficial.

Bilva juice and fruits in plenty.

Make the poultice of the Papaya leaves and tie it around the legs.

Foot rolling for 5 minutes daily.

Roll the roller on the affected part for 5 mts. twice a daily.

Acupressure on all the points daily, especially kidneys” points for 2 mts.
3 times a day. (Centres of palms and the point below the center of soles).

Wheat grass juice daily.

Massage the affected leg with Blue oil.

Green charged water to be drunk.

Harda paste with warm water or honey at night.

Kannappar book reference: Apply the milk that comes out of Uththamani
(Tamil; Dalmia Extena – Botanical name) in any swelling which comes due to
excess of Vatha in the body. Do this one to five times as needed. For
bed ridden patients due to excessive Vatha, crush Uththamani and put into a
wide mouthed mud pot. Roast it. Give hot fomentation with this. Extract
fresh juice from this plant. Add dry Ginger and Asafoetida and boil till
it thickens. Apply hot on the spot. This cures chronic Vatha diseases,
pains and swellings.


Spices, Mustard, Oil, Brinjals and Gourds should be avoided. Plenty of
Cow’s milk has to be ingested. Green leafy vegetables, tomatoes and other
vegetables may be taken.

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