• In all types of cough with expectoration use either decoction or powder of Dal chinni (Chakke in Kannada).
  • Behda powder ½ to 1gram with honey can be given twice a day.
  • Mix Garike Hullu (Arugam Pul in Tamil) juice with cow milk and drink on empty stomach for three days.
  • Cassia Auriculata (Avire gida in Kannada) decoction one ounce with equal quantity of water.  
  • Adulsa – 15 g.; Kulinjan – 15 g.; Jyeshthamad – 15 g.; Dry Ginger – 2.5 g.; Hippili – 2.5 g.  mix everything.  Have it as tea after boiling with water and milk.
  • Tulsi – 50 g.; Adulsa – 50 g.; Hippili – 50 g.; Powder everything.  Mix.  Take 1 tsp. with a little Honey.
  • Lick 1 g. of Alum flower powder atleast twice a day.
  • Chronic patients should take a mixture of 10 g.of Alum Bhasm and 10 g.sugarcandy.  Swallow this powder 4 times a day, 1 or 2 g.each time.  2 doses must have 4 hours’interval.


Roasted Wheat flour – 50 g.; Sugar – 100 g.; Poppy seeds – 10 g.; Almonds – 10 g.; Pumpkin seeds – 10 g.; Water – 350 ml.

Put everything in a steel vessel.  Boil.  When thick, cool and use it.


Scrape 400 g. Carrot.  Keep aside.  Take 10 g.each of Dry Ginger, Pepper, Hippili, Cardamom, Clove, Bamboo salt, Nutmeg and Mace powder.

Take 800 g. sugar.     Add a little water and Carrot.  Prepare a syrup of 2 thread consistency.  Add all the above powders with 200 g. ghee.  Mix.  Cool.  Add 240 g. Honey.  Mix.  Eat 10 g. with a cup of milk.


  • Very thin slices of raw Onion may be laid on a plate and covered with Honey.  Keep it overnight.  Take a spoonful of this syrup twice a day.  J.H.Oliver in his book “Proven remedies” says that “it works like magic”.  
  • Local honey should be used as it will desensitize the patient to local pollens to which he or she may be allergic.
  • Extract an ounce of Onion juice.  Expose it to the moonlight the whole night and drink it on empty stomach the next morning.  Do this for 48 days.


It inhibits the production of Histamine which produces the symptoms of allergy.  It should be taken in forenoons.


It gives immense energy and clears mucus and phlegm and cleanses the blood of toxins.  


Use only minimum salt, sugar and fat.  Stop smoking in case you have the habit.