Natural Remedies for Asthma

  • Cut into pieces about 20 g. of Evolvulus plant (Vishnu Kranthi in Kannada) and boil them in 8 glasses of water.  Reduce to a glass.  Drink this with jaggary 3 to 4 times a day.  Continue for 48 days to 3 months.  This will clean the lungs and eliminate any inflammation of the Prostate glands as well as any fever of unknown origin.
  • Grind Kuppi Gida (Kannada) and apply on the spinal cord.  It will ease the breathing.
  • Chew 5 Thiruneetru Pachilai (Basil) leaves, 5 Pepper Corns and 5 Doddi Patre leaves together.  Wheezing can be controlled.
  • Gingilly strengthens lungs.  
  • Dry the fruits of Peepul and eat daily.
  • Take plenty of Dates.
  • Peppermint also helps a lot.
  • Take a teaspoon of Triphala with warm water at night.
  • Hippili (Long Pepper) can be powdered and taken with Honey and Ginger juice.
  • Soak Behda (Thandrikkai in Tamil; Tharekai in Kannada) in ghee and cover it with Wheat flour.  Bury it in fire for an hour.  Remove the flour and clean Behda.  Cut into pieces.  Take a piece of it and a piece of sugar candy and keep chewing.
  • The patients can learn to play Flute as an antidotal exercise.  
  • Makoi (Ganike soppu in Kannada) leaves and fruits can be eaten to remove the phlegm from bronchial tubes.
  • Take 100g. of Green Grapes daily to gain strength.  As Grapes resemble Lungs, they are good for Lungs.  They give immense energy and clear mucus and phlegm and cleanse the blood of toxins.  
  • Add a tsp of Coriander seeds powder and Saunf powder to rice washed water and take.  This is especially good for children.
  • Boil Methi seeds and crush them.  Mix honey and take it twice a day for a month.
  • Make a paste of Dates, Raisins, PepperS, Saunf seeds, Honey and Ghee.  Lick a teaspoon of this preparation twice a day to expectorate phlegm and calm respiratory spasms.

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