Natural remedies for Herpes


A decoction of the neem bark is prepared by boiling 50 gram of neem bark in 400 ml of water till
it is reduced to 100 ml. To this, 400 ml of ghee is added and boiled in a wide mouthed container
and is removed from the flame when the froth appears which indicates the completion of the
Ghritha (ghee) preparation. This ghee can be used both externally and internally for conditions
such as herpes, lymphadenitis and skin problems.
Honey has long been regarded as one of the best natural wound healers and infection fighters.


Grind Jasmine flowers and apply.


Mix a little salt with cow ghee and apply on the chilblains at night, cover it by a bandage and
sleep. Do this for 4 days. The heels will be shining. Don’t worry ir there is slight pain when
you apply this.

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