Natural Remedies for skin problems


  • Tamarind pulp, being rich in Vit. C, is valuable in preventing and curing scurvy.  It is significant that Tamarind does not lose it antiscorbutic property on drying as other fruits and vegetables.  


  • The paste of Tamarind leaves can be applied.
  • Being antiseptic, an application of Bhui Amalaki leaves’ paste  on skin effects quick healing.
  • Turmeric paste is a very beneficial treatment. The juice, mixed with honey, should be taken internally.
  • Dry Neem leaves and powder.  Take ½ tsp. orally with hot water after adding a little quantity of Jaggery for 10 days.
  • Make decoction of Neem bark.  Take ½ cup twice daily after adding jaggery for 10 days.  Use the decoction to wash the area externally too.
  • Make a paste of Neem leaves, Turmeric powder and Mustard oil and apply.  


  • About 20 Basil leaves should be eaten daily in the morning with a glass of water.  It should be continued for a month or so.  


  • Take Turmeric paste.  Add to it the foam of fresh milk and wheat flour.  Add a little of Mustard oil or fresh cream for the lubrication and rub it on the affected part.  Apply a thin layer of it in the mornings and evenings for a month.  
  • Boil Sesame oil and add Papaya seeds.  When the seeds are burnt, cool and store.  Apply over the face at night.
  • Apply Amla paste all over the body.  Take bath in the water in which Amla essence is mixed.  

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