Foods that help Children grow Stronger and Taller naturally


  • Mix Crystal salt with a piece of Small(Sambar) Onion and make the child eat in the mornings.
  • Mix the juice of Drumstick leaves with milk and give the growing children to make their bones grow well and to purify their blood.
  • Soak big dry Grapes (10) in two ounces of water at night.  Next morning, mash the Grapes in that water only and filter.  Give this to the children from the sixth month onwards daily.  They become active and have good memory power.  Increase or decrease the dose as per the age.
  • Grate white pumpkin and extract the juice.  Steam it.  Make sugar syrup. Add the grated pieces and dry Ginger powder.  Give a ball of a lemon size at night.  Children become strong.
  • If the children are given Honey daily, they get Calcium and Magnesium.  If weak and lean children are fed milk with honey, they become healthy.

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