• Fig syrup is an excellent tonic for infants, increasing their appetite and digestion.  Composition of Mother’s milk is very near to Figs regarding the proportion of nutritive elements, particularly the organic salts.  Figs are richer than Wheat and milk in essential contents like Iron, Sodium and Sulphur.  
  • Breast milk has Vitamin C which is good for the babies.  
  • There is plenty of Vitamin C and B Group Vitamins in Tender Coconut.  Hence it helps in the growth of the children very well.  Plenty of Vitamin C in Guava fruits help in the growth of the bones.
  • Peal the raw Banana.  Cut into small pieces.  Dry in shade.  Powder.  Sieve.  Mix a ladle of this powder in a cup of milk and give the growing children for health and beauty.
  • Put 5 Hibiscus flowers in a mud vessel.  Add half a litre water.  Boil down to quarter litre.  Filter.  Add Jaggary and give.  The child grows well.