Teething :


Geranium – 5 drops; Orange oil – 5 drops; Lavender – 5 drops; Wheat germ oil – 10 ml.; Coconut oil – 50 ml. Mix everything. Massage.


If a child cries because of fear, irritation or lack of sleep, give acupressure on all the tips of the fingers and toes and back of both the palms and soles. 


  • This is the period when the child needs ample amount of Vitamin C and Calcium. Amla is very rich in both. Apply a little Amla juice on the gums to ease the bursting out of the teeth breaking the gums.
    Infants can wear a Coral pendant or beads to ease the pain of cutting teeth. It was also used in rattles to guard children.
  • Keeping babies in Blue light for few hours every day relieves teething troubles.
  • They may get loose motions while teething. At that time, to avoid dehydration, give water with a pinch of salt, Arrowroot gruel, etc. Add 10 drops of Lemon juice in half a cup of water and give it every hour.
  • Burn Calamus (Baje in Kannada, Vasambhu in Tamil) and give ¼ pinch of the powder with breast milk once a week.
  • Give ¼ teaspoon of Honey daily as a preventive against all sorts of infections. Apply honey on the gums twice a day. It makes teething easy.
  • Boil Fennel seeds in water and filter. Mix a spoonful of it in milk. Give it to the child thrice a day. The child will not have indigestion, dysentery and pain during the teething period.
  • Bel (Bilva) fruit contains Calcium which is readily taken into the body. Give it directly or dry and powder it and boil iin water and give it.
  • Mix an oz. of banana flower’s juice with ½ tsp of cumin sweetened with sugar candy or syrup. Give this dose daily for several days. It will eliminate the fever that appears when the first teeth become visible.