Natural Remedies for Urinary Problems


  • Extract the juice of a medium sized Lemon.  Mix with equal quanity of Tulsi juice.  Take daily for 4 to 5 days.
  • Boil 2 tsp of Neem leaf powder in 4 cups of water until it is reduced to 2 cups.  Cool and filter.  Take a tablespoon of it twice a day.
  • Mix fresh Ginger juice with honey in equal parts and take it daily in small quantities.


  • Juices of Ladies’finger leaves, Uttaranee, Garlic leaves, Ram Tulsi, Coriander Leaves, Bringaraj, Hibiscus leaves, Gokhru, Ratnapurush leaves, Sweet Pumpkin leaves, Radish leaves, Anantmul (Sugandhi Narmade Beru), Sweet Potato leaves, Radish leaves, Makoi leaves, Tamarind leaves, Fenugreek leaves, Cynodon Dactylon, Lemongrass, Kusha grass are good.
  • Banana stem juice.
  • Take cooled decoction of Bhui Amalaki twice a day.
  • Roast and powder the seeds of Water Melon and take.  
  • Blue solarized oil has to be applied all over the abdomen thrice a day.
  • Green solarized water has to be taken internally twice daily.
  • A pinch of Alum (Spatikha) has to be added to 10 litres of drinking water and taken.
  • Grind the dry Amlas as fine as possible.  Sprinkle this on Radish and eat it.  Munch well and then eat this.  This should be done on empty stomach.  The urinary passage will remain clean.  
  • Brahmi juice should be taken with honey thrice a day.  
  • Take Wheatgrass juice daily on empty stomach.
  • Rub the root of Bael tree with buttermilk on a sand stone.  Mix the paste with buttermilk and drink.
  • The colours of the herb’s flowers is an important part of the signature.  The plants with the Yellow blooms are generally used for Liver, Gallbladder and Urinary problems and tonics that rid the body of toxin and infections.
  • Mix juice of white Pumpkin (Ash Pumpkin), Honey and Lemon juice.  Take this once a day for a few days.

Natural Remedies for Urinary Problems


Orange is an energizing colour. Orange and Yellow create a laxative effect; they tend to stimulate the elimination of body wastes to such an extent that even the kidneys are cleansed