Natural Remedies for Urinary Problems


  • Jyeshthamad which is grown on the river bank stops the excess flow of urine.
  • Dry Avarampoo (Tamil) in sunlight.  Prepare decoction.  Filter.  Add sugar and milk.  Drink for three days.


  • Add the seeds of Ladies’finger to Barley and make gruel. Drink this for three days.
  • Drink Ash Pumpkin juice regularly to increase the production of urine and to flush out small urinary stones.
  • A decoction of flowers of Mesua (Nagakesar) should be taken (Sweetened) for painful or burning urination, difficult urination or blood in urine.
  • Soak the whole plant of Snake gourd in water overnight after cutting it into pieces and drink this water in the morning.  This is excellent in relieving urethral inflammation.
  • Take a teaspoon of Neem leaf juice thrice a day.
  • Cut Sugarcane into pieces and expose to dew at night.  Take in the morning for a few days.
  • Coriander seeds tea is helpful.  This tea makes the urine more alkaline.
  • Boil a few Hibiscus leaves in half a liter of water.  Reduce to half the quantity.  Add sugar and drink.

Natural Remedies for Urinary Problems


If it is due to excess of heat, soak cooked rice in water at night.  In the morning, add a little hot milk to this and eat.