Natural Remedies for Hypertension


Meditation helps in getting rid of mental stress which is the main cause of the blood pressure.



  • Blue is cooling and soothing.  Wear Blue dresses and use Blue bulbs while sleeping.  Pour coconut oil into a blue glass bottle, expose it to the sun for 40 days and keep it ready.  Massage it on the crown, forehead, neck and heart areas.  

Natural Remedies for Hypertension


  • It is the nature’s color.  It stimulates the Pituitary Gland which in turn stimulates other glands.  It is the color of the Heart Chakra and so it stimulates the heart.
  • Take 40 watts Green bulb fixed to a table lamp.  Keep at the distance of a foot.  Take radiation on the heart for about 30 minutes.  
  • Take more of Green colored vegetables and fruits.
  • Green oil to be applied on the crown, when the pressure is high & at nights. {Sahasrara chakra or pituitary cerebral cortex = Crown}
  • Fill the green bottle with drinking water, leaving a little space. Keep it in the sun from morning till evening.  Drink about 50 ml of it sip by sip every time 10 minutes before eating or drinking something.  It can be used for 2 days.  Make solarized water daily preferably.
  • People who suffer from this problem should avoid using red and Yellow color clothing as they disturb them all the more.