Natural Remedies for High Fever and Babbling

Mash Onion or Garlic and tie it in a cloth. Tie this as a poultice on the soles. This will make the patient calm and enable him to sleep peacefully.

Dissolve Asafoetida in water and place it on palms, soles and nails of hands and feet.

Bishop’s weed or Ajwain seeds should either be smoked or sniffed frequently to obtain relief.

Collect the raw Solanum Trilobatum vegetables (Thoodhuvalai in Tamil) and dry them. Soak in curds for a day and dry again. Store them. Fry them in ghee and take.

Coriander leaves and seeds are highly useful.

Heat Camphor in Neem oil. Apply on Crown Chakra.


In all types of fever, there is a predominance of Hydrogen and Carbon in the body , chemical elements which fall on the hot side of the spectrum; the spectroscopic color of Hydrogen is Red and of Carbon is Yellow. To reduce the fever, one must burn out the excess of Carbon and Hydrogen, a process which requires Oxygen, the spectroscopic color of which is Blue. Blue light soothes and heals fever and all inflammatory conditions. Oxygen unites with the Hydrogen to form water, a natural compound which is eliminated through the skin, breath and kidneys, and Oxygen unites with Carbon to form Carbon di oxide which is eliminated from the body via the lungs. This Blue Oxygen energy has the effect of extracting or neutralizing the excessive Hydrogen and Carbon (Red and Yellow) rays from the body.

People who suffer from this problem should avoid using red color and Yellow clothing as they disturb them all the more.

(Ref. from “Color Therapy” by Reu Ben Amber.)

Natural Remedies for High Fever and Babbling