How to increase Haemoglogin in blood?


(This is a collection of material from different sources and siddha vaidhyas)

Haemoglobin gives the red colour to blood.  If there is enough iron in the body, it will be red.

How to increase Haemoglogin in blood?

Scrape 400 g. Carrot.  Keep aside.  Take 10 g. each of Dry Ginger, Pepper, Hippili, Cardamom, Clove, Bamboo salt, Nutmeg and Mace powder.
Take 800 g. sugar.     Add a little water and Carrot.  Prepare a syrup of 2 thread consistency.  Add all the above powders with 200 gm. ghee.  Mix.  Cool.  Add 240 g. Honey.  Mix.  Eat 10g. with a cup of milk.

Soak Barley in water.  Boil it in 600ml of milk. Take this as breakfast for 2 months.  Even a frail and thin person will gain weight.  In addition, boil 60 g. of Barley in water.  Drink this daily to increase production of blood.