Natural remedies to stop bleeding

(This is a collection of material from different sources and siddha vaidhyas)

Lotus root can be used for all kinds of bleeding including Hemoptysis, Hematemesis, nose bleeding, vaginal, uterine bleeding, Hematochezia. For chronic Diarrhoea, use Lotus stem decoction. For Hemophilia, use fresh root.

Sida caprinifololia (Arivalmanai Poondu in Tamil) leaves should be crushed and the juice applied over bleeding area.

Cane juice is haematinic and arrests bleeding when consumed from time to time.

The ripe Woodapple is a rich source of Vitamin C and can be given as such in bleeding gums or any excessive bleeding condition. It can also be fried in ghee.

Apply Lemon juice at once on the spot. It stops bleeding.

Apply Gall-nut powder.

Apply Kuppi gida juice.


Tie the peel of a Banana on the spot.


Juice of Water Melon is good for excessive Protein in blood.


It is antispasmodic, antiseptic, antifungal, healing, anti inflammatory and digestive. Good for duodenal ulcers; Speeds post operative healing, reduces adhesions, children’s infections and fevers; it can be used as a gargle for sore throat and tonsillitis. It is a comforter of the heart and spirits. It regulates the menstrual cycle. It aids clotting of the blood. It is good for coughs and dysentery; reduces B.P. It is a tranquillizer; good to dilate the bronchioles, to reduce inflammation, mumps and colds, intestinal parasites and colic; It has anti cancer properties.

BLEEDING (External)


Apply Harda powder to stop bleeding immediately.

Whether internal or external, the intake of the juice of the Ash Pumpkin is highly helpful in arresting the bleeding and healing the tissue.

The decoction of Jamun bark powder should be cooled and mixed with honey and taken.

Dates are cooling and bestow blood. Grind it with honey and eat twice a day.

Apply ice or a sandalwood paste. The black ash of the cotton ball may also be applied to the site of external bleeding.

Burn dry Mango leaves and collect the ashes. Sprinkle the ashes on any bleeding wound caused by a sharp instrument and press the ashes into the wound. Bleeding will stop and the wound will heal quickly.

Equal parts of Sandal and Vettiver powder should be mixed in rice washed water and taken with sugar twice a day.

Boil Gokhru powder in milk and drink twice a day to arrest bleeding and build lost strength.

Drink a glass of Lime juice with a pinch of Alum powder.

Boil Fenugreek seeds in milk. Cool and filter. Mix sugar candy and take it. Bleeding from any part of the body stops.

Grind smooth Loofah (Torai) to a paste. Apply it over the cut. It will stop bleeding immediately.

Apply Amla juice on the cuts and the bleeding will stop. It also acts as an antiseptic in preventing tetanus.

Apply Alum water or Alum powder. It also acts as an antiseptic.

Fig tree leaves control bleeding from any part of the body.

Fill a pinch of Turmeric powder on the spot of bleeding. Those patients who take blood thinning tablets to prevent Thrombosis must use Turmeric mixed in water to dab their faces like they do with the after shave lotions.

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