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COPPER AND CHILLIES Red Chillies have Copper.  It strengthens body and destroys harmful bacteria. ROTTING OF CHILLIES ON PLANTS Grind 10 kg of Bilva leaves.  Extract juice.  Mix a liter of the juice with 10 liters of water and spray. VEGETABLES Make a pit of 20 feet length, 4 feet width and ¾ foot depth.  [...]

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Champa Tree

Champa can be propagated by seeds. UNIQUE FEATURES This tree is evergreen. Flowers bloom from third year onward. It can grow even BEYOND 100 FEET. It cannot withstand severe dryness. Silkworms eat these leaves. The fruits are eaten by birds. It can be propagated by seeds and grafting. The seeds should be collected in August [...]

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MOTHS AND CABBAGE WORMS Pouring sour milk on Cabbage and other plants will discourage moths and Cabbage worms. Extract from Mustard oil preparation destroys the worms that destroy the Cabbage roots. ROTTING OF CABBAGE LEAVES Mix 300 ml Lemon juice and ten liters of water and spray. COMPANION CROPS Companion crops or mixed crops are [...]

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Waste Cotton

WASTE COTTON Farmers feed waste cotton from Mills to cattle. If this cotton is spread all over the soil, it covers the entire land. Weeds do not grow. It degrades faster and forms a good manure. It also absorbs and saves rain water. So less water is used to irrigate the land. Onions, Beetroot and [...]


SRIPHALA – BILVA – AGELE MARMELOS BILVA TREE HAS THE CAPACITY TO ABSORB SUN’S VIBRATIONS. It has a predominant place in the making of gold according to Sri Suktha. If properly stored, the leaves will remain fresh for 6 months. The gummy mucous substance surrounding the seeds is a good adhesive. It can be used [...]


SPECIALTY It balances Tridoshas. VARIETIES Blue, Yellow, Red and White varieties are there. The white plant which grows near water areas is the common plant. This has Iron. The juice is black in color. This is called as Kesaraj and Degaraj. It is a Kalpa herb. This is also called as “Kai Veesi Ilai” in [...]

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Betel Leaf

IMPORTANCE - VRIKSHAYURVEDA Ashoka, Betel leaf, Pongamia, Vaagai and Neem are divine trees. They cure sickness and save lives. They should be planted first anywhere. GETTING MANY BETEL NUTS-VRIKSHAYURVEDA Grind Gingilly and pour with water often. LIVE MULCH Betel can be spread to grow on soil too as a live mulch. SUPPORT CROPS 1. Plant [...]

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RESEMBLANCE Kidney Beans actually heal and help maintain kidney functions as they look exactly like the human kidneys. COMPANION CROPS Beans and Cucumbers grow better if planted in conjunction with each other. Beans, Tomatoes and Sunflower plants can be grown together for this purpose. Beans, Maize and Cucumber. Beetroot, Cabbage and Beans.  

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