Natural Remedies- Plants


RAISINS As Raisins are more alkaline than many fruits, they maintain the acid – based balance in the organismand provide one with more stamina and vitality. VINEYARDS Vineyards treated for years with Copper and Lime solutions become devoid of earthworms, losing their capacity for creating humus. PREPARING SEEDS OF PADDY, TOMATO, BRINJAL, CHILLIES AND FLOWERS …

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TEPHROSIA PURPUREA It is a good manure. If it grows on a land, that land is considered the first quality land. It absorbs Nitrogen from the atmosphere and makes the soil fertile. When Gingilly and Urad are planted, Kozhinji grow along. We should not leave them till their seeds drop on the ground. Harvest before …

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SULPHUR GINGILLY IS SAID TO HAVE SULPHUR. GINGILLY OIL LAMP A lamp with this oil lessens heart palpitations, purifies atmosphere and prevents illnesses of lungs. DISADVATAGE OF PLANTING GINGILLY Gingilly crops absorb a lot of strength from the soil.  So if they are planted more than thrice consecutively, the soil may lose fertility.  So, after harvesting Gingilly, …

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PREPARING SEEDS OF PLANTAIN, GINGER, SUGARCANE AND TURMERIC Take Beejamritha in a big, wide vessel. Put these seeds in a Bamboo basket and dip into this liquid. Keep in it for a few minutes, dry and sow. LIVER and GINGER Ginger looks like Liver and so is good for the Liver. PLANTING GINGER – VRIKSHAYURVEDA …

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SPECIALTY The effect of Drumstick extracts resembles that of Adrenalin and Ephedrine and that it inhibits the growth of molds and fungi. Inside the farm the highest canopy should be that of Moringa (Drumstick tree) which has tiny leaves and allows the sunlight to filter through it to the next layer which is of citrus …

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CUCUMBERS Cucumbers contain most of the vitamins we need every day, just one cucumber contains Vitamin B1, Vitamin B2, Vitamin B3, Vitamin B5, Vitamin B6, Folic Acid, Vitamin C, Calcium, Iron, Magnesium. The creeping – on – the – ground variety is the best. You have to take care of the young plants, occasionally cutting …

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COTTON PLANT If Nitrogen is given more, Cotton plants keep growing taller and taller. If they grow beyond 15 knots (Kanu in Tamil), it is dangerous. This reduces flower production. So the tips of the branches should be cut off. This enables side branches to grow and result in more Cotton. SHEDDING OF BLOOM – …

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Long Coriander

Long Coriander (Eryngium foetidum L.) Aroma is very strong, very similar to fresh coriander leaves; taste is similar, but even stronger. Used in Tropical Latin America and the Caribbean as a superior substitute for coriander. Can be grown outdoors where it readily spreads or indoors as a ‘houseplant’.


Botanical name of Coriander is Coriandrum sativum. In India, coriander is known as ‘dhania’ in Hindi language. Coriander seeds and leaves are used as common food flavoring agents. Coriander seeds have medicinal properties too and therefore used as a carminative, and diuretic. PREVENTION OF INSECTS IN CHILLY CROPS While planting Chillies, plant Coriander seeds too …

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