Heat Mustard oil mixed with Bel (Bilva) pulp. Apply twice a day. Take the pulp of raw Bel internally.

Make Ajwain seeds powder and take 2/3 tsp with warm milk thrice a day.

Steam boiling Sesame seeds and grinding with milk makes an effective application on gouty joints.

Henna leaves’ paste should be tied around the affected joints and left overnight to relieve burning sensation.

Nagakesar seed oil makes an excellent soothing external application and also appeases associated pain and burning

Roast Anasomeles malabarica (Pei Miratti) leaves in Castor oil and apply.

In Cuban medicine, Custard Apple (Sitaphal) leaves are taken to reduce uric acid levels.


VAYU MUDRA (Wind Mudra)

With each hand bend index finger so that its tip touches the ball of the thumb. Then press the thumb lightly onto
the index finger. Extend the other fingers in a relaxed way.

For chronic complaints, do this Mudra three times daily for 15 minutes; otherwise, use it until it has an effect.
Ref. From “Yoga in your hands” by Gertrud Hirschi.