Many forms of Paralysis are due to a lack of Vitamin E which is responsible for general lack of well being and impaired metabolism.

Baje powder and honey coated on the tongue, inside of cheeks and palate is excellent in removing speech disorders.

Garike hullu juice should be taken with 3 or 4 drops of lemon juice for 48 days.

Jasmine root should be made into a decoction and applied externally. Mix Gingilly and Jasmine flowers and extract oil. Massage.

Boil white Ekka leaves in Gingilly oil and massage.

Dates Lehiya is an excellent remedy.

Saamai Arisi or Thinai (Panicum Italicum) is good.

Yellow light can be focused on the occipital and cervical region of the spinal cord for Hemiplegia; and lumbar and sacral regions for Paraplegia is an effective treatment.

Take a clove of Garlic in the morning along with water on the first day. Then increase the number of cloves according to the number of days for 3 weeks. Thus, on 21st day, take 21 cloves of Garlic. Now reduce one clove each day for further 3 weeks. Thus, on 42nd day, take one clove of Garlic only.

Crush a Nannari (Tamil; Botanical name: Hemidesmus Indicus) and boil in 2 cups of water. Reduce to half the quantity. Filter. Drink half a cup of this twice a day.

Cissus Quadrangularis (Pirandai in Tamil; Vajra balli in Kannada) is useful. It can be used both internally and externally.

Amaranthus Tristis (Harive soppu in Kannada; Araikkeerai in Tamil) is highly useful. Its juice can be taken internally.

Take 35 g. each of dry Ginger, Cumin, Asafoetida, Ajwain, black Pepper, Induppu (Tamil) and Hippili and powder them. Add Garlic and mash. Eat the size of an Amla for 40 days.

Boil quarter kilo of Mehandi flowers and boil in half a liter Neem oil. Apply externally on the affected limbs.

Grind Calamus (Baje) and apply externally.

25 grams ground Garlic shellots boiled in milk – till it becomes thick like kheer – to be taken when cooled in the morning for atleast a month. Also massage the body with oil. Boil 250 grams ground Garlic shallots in 500 grams Mustard oil in an iron pan till it is burnt. Put some camphor in it. Cool. Massage this. Eating 7 ground shallots of Garlic with 1 tsp. of fresh butter also helps in Paralysis.

Massage the affected portion with oil extracted from Neem seeds. It invigorates the dead muscles and tissues.

Peel and mash 400 g. Garlic. Take 3 liters of milk. Mix both and boil. Thicken this. Fry this in 400 g. ghee till the mixture turns red. Cool. Add 800 g. honey to this after cooling. Dose: 3 to 5 g. on empty stomach twice a day.

Drink Lemon juice with water thrice a day. Soak 20 big dry Grapes in Lemon juice at night. In the morning, mash them and drink along with the juice. Also apply lemon juice externally on limbs and massage vigorously. Soak a cloth in Lemon juice, apply on limbs and expose to sunlight.

Scrap the ripe coconut. Dry roast it in a mud pot. When it is still warm, tie it in a cloth. Give fomentation. Repeat this often.

Cinnamon is useful in the treatment of Paralysis.

Roll the soles on wooden rollers 5 minutes twice a day.

Drink 2 glasses of charged Gold/Silver/Copper water reduced from 8 glasses of water.

Rub Nylon brush on each sole 5 minutes in the morning and 5 minutes in the evening till the soles get warmer than the head.

Boil green Drumstick vegetables in filter. Mix Mustard, Oil and Salt. Dry in sun for 3 days. It can be eaten like pickle daily. Increasing Hemoglobin is a must for these patients.