Alum powder can be used to wash the hair to kill lice.

Juice of Gingilly plant kills lice.

Apply a paste of dried ground rind of Pomegranate to the hair for half an hour and wash off.

Apply Onion juice all over the scalp and wash off.

Roast greengram lightly and powder. Mix with water and apply all over the scalp. Cover the scalp with a white cloth. Keep for half an hour and then wash off. Repeat the next day also.

Extract the juice of Mimisa Pudica (Muttidare Muni Soppu – Kannada; Lajwanti – Hindi) and apply all over the scalp. Leave for half an hour, covering the hairs with a white cloth. Repeat after three days.

Grind the Amla seeds and add the juice of Kagaji lemon. Apply on the hair roots. Leave for half an hour. Wash it off.

Keep Hibiscus flowers on hair and sleep daily.

Grind 100 grams of Garlic and mix with 50 ml Lemon juice. Apply this often and wash off. This also helps in good hair growth.