Natural Remedies for Fever

Steaming the body with water to which Vettiver is added promotes perspiration while bringing down temperature.
Boil water with it and drink.

The roots and leaves of Lotus can be made into a decoction to bring down fevers of ALL TYPES.

Take Vishnukranthi plant as it is without cutting. Take 1 inch dry Ginger piece, 1 inch Cinnamon, 2 Cloves, 4 Peppers, 1 tsp. Cummin, 1 handful Coriander seeds and 1 Cardamom. Powder all these spices coarsely. Add Vishnukranthi, 2 sprigs of Curry leaves and Jaggary for taste. Boil everything adding water. 8 glasses should be reduced to 1 glass for serious fevers and 4 glasses to 1 glass for light fevers. Filter. Add a little milk. Drink it hot. Soak the residue in 8 or 4 glasses of water again. Add fresh Curry leaves and Jaggary in the morning and boil down to 1 glass. Filter and drink it hot. Discard the residue. This cures any type of fever except Typhoid.

Lemongrass tea reduces the temperature.

Boil white Lotus petals and give a tablespoon of the decoction to children and an ounce to adults.

Crush fistful of Adathoda Vasica leaves and keep in hot water for 15 minutes. Strain. Take half a cup of infusion in the mornings and evenings for 3 days.

Roast 15 g. Pepper in a mud pot till it blackens. When it splutters, add 100 ml. water and boil down to half the quantity. Drink this an ounce twice a day. Sugar can be added. THIS CAN BE DRUNK FOR ANY TYPE OF FEVER.

About 20 grams of Garlic should be boiled in 1:1 cup mixture of milk and water till it is reduced to half the quantity. it should be taken either at bed-time or before breakfast.

It is said that Amirtha Varshini Raga which can bring rains, cools the body and removes fever.

Take Coriander seeds tea with very little milk and sugar. This causes sweating and brings down temperature.

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