Face Packs and Remedies for Pimples


Strawberry or Papaya pulp can applied on the face weekly once.


Take the seeds of Chinese Cherries (Mutungia Glabura) 90 to 150gms. Mash them. Apply. Wash when dry.

Take ¼ tbsp. Mustard and 1 tbsp. Green gram dal. Soak them in a tablespoon of Curds at night. In the morning, grind this well and apply all over the face. Wash in warm water when it dries completely.

Make powder of Nutmeg and apply. Wash when dry.

Apply Arjun bark powder and milk daily.

Black patches on the skin

In the morning and evening, clean the places where the black patches are present with warm water. Coleus aromaticus leaf (Doddi Patre in Kannada; Karpooravalli in Tamil) and ocimum basilicum leaf are to be crushed and applied on the affected areas.


Thiruneetru Pachilai (Ocimum Baswilicum) leaves’ juice should be mixed with Calamus powder and applied on pimples.

Calamus,Lodra, Dhania – Equal – Powder. Apply with water.

Drink Bitter gourd juice daily for a month.

Grind Drumstick leaves and extract the juice. Mix a little Lemon juice. Apply on the face.

Drink plenty of Lemon juice daily for 4 months.

Drink two teaspoons of Neem juice daily.

Mix Lemon juice and cow ghee. Apply regularly. Even the scars will not be formed.

Roast Hippili lightly. Powder. Mix with honey. Apply on the face on alternate days.

Extract juice from Basil leaves and apply on alternate days. It removes the pimples and the stains.

Make a paste of Ashoka, some Lime juice and milk and apply daily.

Cut the edge of a Garlic clove and keep the remaining big portion on the pimples. It will kill the pimples from the roots.

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