Mookkirattai (Punarnava) root prevents this and strengthens eyesight.

Grind 7 soft, fresh Bel (Bilva) leaves and 7 seeds of black Pepper. Add 2 ½ spoonful of sugarcandy powder. In winter take it directly as it is. In summer, take it with water. If you have the trouble of wind and phlegm, add honey and take it. Also soak 11 leaves in water in an earthen vessel overnight and wash the eyes with that in the morning.

Chew Tulsi leaves in the evenings. Swallow the saliva which oozes.

Nagarmotha should be ground in cow’s urine. Dip a cotton cloth into this and tie over the eyes at night.

Take a little Onion juice with salt daily.

Eat Mango fruit in season after lunch daily for 40 days. Take cow milk at night before sleep.

Eat red coloured Bananas daily for 21 days.

Infusion of Agase soppu (Agatti keerai in Tamil) should be taken.

Cook fresh Amaranth leaves (Chaulai) without salt and chillies. Add ghee to it. Take it after the meal just having a gap of an hour.

Grind Cotton leaves with Castor seeds and Eclipta juice. Apply the cream wrapped in a towel over eyelids and eyeballs to cure several eye diseases and to improve sight.


Rub with water and apply into the eyes. Extra growth, watering eyes, etc. can be cured.


It lowers eye pressure. Amlas can be used internally and externally to lower the eye pressure in Glaucoma. There is a rapid and significant drop in intra-ocular pressure, with the lowest pressure in the eye when the level of Vitamin C in the bloodstream is the highest.


It helps eyesight. Garlic helps boost absorbing Thiamin in the body.


Apply Aloe gel on eyelids.