Natural Remedies to Improve Eyesight

Almonds – ¼ kg.; Poppy seeds – 100 g.; White Pepper – 50 g.; Sugar – 100 g.;
SOAK Almonds overnight in water. Remove the skin the next morning. Roast Almonds and Poppy seeds. Mix everything. Powder. Take 1 tsp. of the powder in the morning on empty stomach followed by a cup of milk.

Palming and Tratak should be practiced.

Roast the flowers of Adathoda Vasica and tie over the eyes externally to
cure eye problems.

Take Knol-khol.

Take 2 Dates and a glass of Cow milk after dinner at night.

Take plenty of Tomatoes with other items.

Drumstick has Vit. A, Vit. B 1, Vit. C, Iron and Calcium in plenty. So if the leaves are cooked and drunk as soup atleast twice a week, it improves eyesight and increases haemoglobin content in the blood. For Vit. A deficiency, Drumstick leaves should be ground and juice extracted to drink or added to dals or soups. Coriander leaves are an extremely rich source of Vit. A.

Cook Sundekai (Tamil) and eat. It has plenty of Vit. A.

Cook Moong dal with jaggary and Cardamom and eat daily for about a year.

Mix small Cardamom seeds and sugar candy equally. Powder. Add to pure  Castor oil and take it twice a day.

Mix a cup of Mango pulp with a cup of milk. Add honey and take once a day for 48 days. It improves memory, audition and vision.

Boil Thumbe (Kannada) flowers in a cup of water and reduce half. Add a teaspoon of honey and drink thrice a day for a few days.

Give pressure treatment around the eyes 2 or 3 minutes on each eye thrice a day. Pressure is to be given on the bones around the eyes and not on the eye ball.

Take plenty of Tomatoes and Strawberries to strengthen the eye nerves.

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