Grind Kuppi Gida (Acalypha Indica) leaves and apply the paste over the forehead. It helps to relieve headache , ear ache, etc.

Warm the juice extracted from Shanka Pushpi plant and mix with a little salt. Apply externally around the ear if the glands are swollen there.

Shunya Mudra gives virtually instant relief in almost all types of earaches. It takes just 2 or 3 minutes. It also removes the discomfort some people feel while taking off or landing during air travel. It also helps to keep away the nauseous feeling while travelling.


Sravanam upto 5 years – No sign language but speech therapy Both mother and kid can stay with free boarding and lodging till training is over. 1 teacher for 2 students. Run by TTD, Thirupathy. They can join normal school later run by TTD.