• In periods of painful attacks, massage the whole spine with a mixture of 2 parts Camphor oil and 1 part grated Garlic.
  • 6 months of daily applications of clay will take good care of the most tenacious afflictions. Keep it overnight if possible. If any cold sensation is felt, remove it immediately. Heat it in a double boiler and apply.
  • Application of Ginger paste is beneficial.
  • Green radiation for 30 minutes over the small and lower back helps in reducing the pain.
  • Eat Vainarayana soppu (Vidanga or Embelia Ribes) powder 5 g. with honey.


  • Carrot and lime soup with ginger.
  • Satavari (Aspagarus) soup with lime.
  • Pepper and vegetable soup with ginger.
  • These soups are appetizers and provide rich supply of vitamins A, B and C which help to cure nervous debility, ulcers in the mouth, pain in the spinal cord etc.


Lemon grass juice or decoction with milk can be taken.
A hot poultice of the betel leaves or their juice mixed with some coconut
oil can be applied with beneficial result.