• Extract an ounce of Onion juice.  Expose it to the moonlight the whole night and drink it on empty stomach the next morning.  Do this for 48 days.
  • Yoghurt inhibits the production of Histamine which produces the symptoms of allergy.  It should be taken in forenoons.
  • Peppermint also helps a lot.
  • Take a teaspoon of Triphala with warm water at night.
  • Hippili (Long Pepper) can be powdered and taken with Honey and Ginger juice.
  • Carrot mono diet with Carrot juice, raw Carrot, steamed Carrot, etc. taken for a few days to the exclusion of other foodstuff helps a lot.
  • Peel off Elephant Yam (Swarna Gedde).  Cut into small pieces.  Dry in sunlight.  Powder.  Take 5g.per dose with Honey or Ghee or sugar or Jaggery.
  • Use only minimum salt, sugar and fat.  Stop smoking in case you have the habit.  .
  • Avoid overgrown Radishes.  Select tender Radishes.  Extract an ounce of juice.  Drink it at one go.  Take 2 doses like this till you feel better.  ESPECIALLY THIS IS HIGHLY USEFUL FOR ASTHMATICS WHO HAVE GOT IT DIABETES.


Brahmari Pranayama is useful.


Smell fragrant flowers as deeply as possible.

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